Ardsley Pollinator Pathway

Making significant change, one yard at a time.  

 Upcoming Events:

June 3, 1 - 4 (rain date June 4, 1-4): The Third Annual Ardsley Pollinator Open Gardens and Free Native Plant Swap

We are so excited that this day will now include other Rivertowns and Edgemont gardens, as well as the Greenburgh Nature Center Meadow! Mark your calendars and be sure to visit some of the gardens. 

Click Here to see the participating Ardsley/Edgemont gardens and map. 

Come to the Native Plant Swap on the same day and during the Open Garden Event.  If you don't have any plants to bring, no problem!  Come anyway and take a plant or two home.

Guidelines for the Plant Swap:


Ardsley achieves Leadership Circle honor from National Wildlife Federations (NWF) Mayors' Monarch Pledge 

Ardsley is one of a few municipalities in North America in 2022 that earned the Leadership Circle Award for the NWF Mayors' Monarch Pledge.

Mayor Nancy Kaboolian signed the Mayors' Monarch Pledge on April 11, 2022 and committed to take 14 actions in 2022 to support the survival of the endangered monarch butterfly and other threatened pollinators.  All 14 were completed and on December 13 we received word that Ardsley earned the Leadership Circle award. Ardsley is now part of an expanding North American network of cities working to create habitat in public parks, public landscaping, vacant lots, roadsides, medians, green roofs, backyard gardens and open spaces throughout the entire community.

Through the National Wildlife Federation’s Mayors' Monarch Pledge, cities and municipalities commit each year to create habitat and educate residents on how to make a difference at home or in their community. Mayors who take the pledge commit to at least three of 30 action items to help save the monarch butterfly.  For more information about the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge, please go to:

Introducing Our New Mailbox Gardens How-To Guides

You asked for it and we created it - a step- by- step guide to create a pollinator garden. We give you the design, the materials and quantities you'll need, and the list of plants. Four different garden sizes in each guide. You buy the plants, dig them in, and watch them grow. Check them out - it's easy!

Full-Part Sun Pollinator Wildflower Mailbox Gardens

Full to Part Sun Pollinator Grass and Sedge Mailbox Gardens

Part Shade Pollinator Mailbox Gardens

Full to Part Sun Monarch Butterfly Mailbox Garden 

Join Our Public Garden Maintenance Team!

Three wonderful native plant pollinator gardens were created in the spring of 2022. One at the Ardsley Public Library (April 23), one at AFV Park (May 14) and one at Hart's Brook Park and Preserve (May 21). These gardens are fueled by volunteers to create, install and maintain the gardens. They will not be maintained in any way by Greenburgh or Ardsley. So, we need YOU for the 2023 season! It is a fun team and many friendships were made in 2022.

Please click here to fill out the survey concerning your willingness and preferences. Thank you so much!



Free garden consults are available to those wishing to support pollinators, birds, and our ecosystem in their yards. To request your free garden consult, email us.

We're making substantial change, one yard at a time. Join our distribution list.

Our Mission

The Ardsley Pollinator Pathway Project's mission is to raise awareness, educate, and encourage the participation of Ardsley’s residents, businesses, government, and other organizations in the creation and maintenance of healthy pollinator habitats in the Village of Ardsley.

 The world’s community of pollinators is in crisis. 

There are numerous causes for this decline, with habitat loss and pesticide use at the top. 

Conservation techniques work! When homeowners, governmental agencies and private businesses commit to expanding pollinator-friendly, pesticide-free habitats, we will change the future for pollinators and secure our own. We encourage your home to become a node on a path through Ardsley

 No effort is too small! We need your help. They need your help. 

Ardsley Pollinator Pathway Map 

 View our growing pathway that will connect us  with other communities. Add your own pollinator garden to the map. Click on the purple flower pins to learn more about each steppingstone in our pathway.

Visit the Ardsley CAN by 2030! website to learn more about how you can easily reduce your carbon footprint and make small changes to act sustainably.