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Cross Pollination Webinars (archived - click to expand)

October 2021: Our native grasses for sun and part sun, reference sheet of native grasses and sedges for all situations, virtually visit Kathy Bimbaum and Linda Azif's pollinator gardens, fall chores for the native gardener.

November 2021: How to collect and germinate your native plant seeds, Michelle Spiniello's Garden Story, winter fun in the garden. 

December 2021:  Seed Swap and social event! To get those seeds started this winter here are more resources thanks to the Wild Seed Project:  Autumn and Winter Seed Sowing in Six Easy StepsHow to Grow Natives from Seed; Frequently Asked Questions and the recording of the Seed Sowing 101 online tutorial here 

January 2022: Birdscaping, Part 1. Learn how to landscape in layers and which native trees and shrubs are bird magnets. Recording, Slides and Plant Reference Sheet are available. 

February 2022: Birdscaping- Easy Native Perennials to Attract Birds. The slides with the plants are available here and the recording is available here.

October 2022: Preparing the Garden for Winter.   The slides can be accessed here and the recording can be found here

November 2022: Letting Go of the Lawn: Rewilding a Suburban Yard, part 1. The slides can be found here and the recording can be found here

January 2023: Letting Go of the Lawn: Rewilding a Suburban Yard, part 2. The presentation, The recording of Part 2, and the The list of plants in Sarika's yard are now available.

February 2023: Organic and Awesome Lawns with Paul Tukey. The recording can be accessed here.