Quick Start - Invasive Management

Unfortunately we have a huge invasive plant problem in Ardsley. This is one of the big threats to our pollinators and other wildlife because invasive plants destroy the ecosystems that they need to survive. When you commit to helping our pollinators you are also committing to control invasive plants in your yard and elsewhere. Nature hates a vacuum (bare earth), so once you remove invasive plants you'll need to plant fast growing natives in the same spot to help prevent additional invasives making that spot their home. 

often, when these problem plants grow in our yards, we have no idea that a thug is in residence. So the first step is to inventory your yard and look for invasives. The next step is to manage or eradicate them. Unfortunately these plants are tough and hard to eradicate, but persistence pays off. This is such an important issue we have entire page  dedicated to identifying and controlling invasive plants.

You can also check in at this DEC site for plants that are prohibited and regulated in NYS. Unfortunately many problem plants are not yet on this list and still available for sale.  This is a great guide to invasives in our area that includes prevention and control as well as native alternatives. 

Some great news!  Our keystone native Hemlocks have been dying thanks to the invasive woolly adelgid, which can kill a hemlock within several years if not addressed. A biological control has now been approved and can be purchased commercially. Predatory beetles that only feed on wooly adelgid are the answer. To learn more and initiate this solution, click here

Here is our guide on common invasive plants in Ardsley Yards. The pdf document can be accessed here

Ardsley Invasive Plants Guide.pdf