Learn & Connect

In early March we held a webinar, The Ardsley Pollinator Pathway: How we can save our pollinators, as part of our Pollinator Pathway kick-off. The summary of the presentation can be accesses here and the webinar recording can be accessed here.

Every season has plenty to explore and get involved to build our pollinator-friendly community:

  • Bee the Buzz - support your neighbors in building nodes along Ardsley's pathway.

  • Become a Power Pollinator - raise awareness, connect with others and lobby for better legislation for our pollinators.

For Teachers and Group Leaders

Pollinator Partnership's learning center has a series of educational brochures to help groups learn about pollinators. The Bee Smart School Garden Kit is specifically designed for use by teachers in the classroom setting.

See also Xerces Society's Education Resources for learning videos, scouting exercises, monarch curricula, and crafts.

Other Informative Sites

Help build the pollinator 'national park' using our own yards in this video with Dr. Doug Tallamy.

The Little Things That Run The World - Dr. Doug Tallamy speaks about how the decline of insects will be our decline as humans and why our actions in our own yards can save the future. Start the video 6 minutes in to avoid all the non-related speeches.