Greenburgh Public Library Tree/Shrub Giveaway Event


Selecting and Caring for Native Tree and Shrub Saplings 

Wednesday, April 24, 6 pm at the Greenburgh Public Library and via Zoom

 Join Kathy Evers and Carol Sommerfield as they provide information about the wonderful trees and shrubs available at the April 28th free sapling give-away. Learn about Highbush Cranberry, Ninebark, Silky Dogwood, Virginia Rose, Black Oak, Northern Bayberry, and native Witch Hazel, Red Maple, and Red Twig Dogwood.  Instructions on how to plant bare root trees and shrubs, as well as their care, will also be provided. Register here. 

Free Native Tree and Shrub Giveaway 

Sunday, April 28, 1 - 4 pm at the Greenburgh Public Library 

 Take home a native tree or shrub (while supplies last). Get expert advice, learn how to protect trees and shrubs from deer, and ask questions. Happy Arbor Day! 

Choosing, Planting and Caring for Your New Tree/Shrub

Below is all the information you need to choose, plant and care for your new native bareroot sapling. Just click the title to get the document or video. If you have questions,  please contact us.

The presentation on the trees/shrubs and their care

Information about each species  

How to plant a bareroot sapling

Diagram on how to plant a bareroot tree/shrub

Care for your new sapling

How to make your own deer enclosures

Sources for tree tubes

Video on building a tree protection enclosure

Common problems with newly planted trees/shrubs