Bee the Buzz

What Does It Mean to Bee a Pollineighbor?

A Pollineighbor helps to connect human neighbors and their home gardens to our pollinator pathway. You may already be:

  • Spreading the word about the benefits of pollinator plants.

  • Sharing resources on growing pollinator-friendly and/or pesticide free gardens.

  • Encouraging others to join you at relevant online or local events.

  • Helping neighbors plan, plant or source plants - maybe even sharing or swapping native seeds and plants.

Sign Up to Bee a Pollineighbor


  • Reach out to neighbors to share pollinator garden support and info

  • Get involved with the Ardsley Pollinator Pathway Project to share ideas and learn more

  • Recieve invitation to bi-annual Pollineighbor catch-ups

  • Receive seasonally relevant info and support from Ardsley Pollinator Pathway

Pollineighbors may also choose to organize:

  • Social visits to neighborhood gardens

  • Group bulk purchases of native plant plugs or seeds for their neighborhood

  • Native plant and seed sharing

Connect with Your Local Hive

Connect with Pollineighbors on your block or local neighborhood to learn more, share/swap plants, or get help.

Submit the form to connect. The geographically closest Pollineighbor will reach out to you.