Quick Start Guides

Starting or Expanding Your Home Pollinator Garden

Fall and spring are great for gardening. But you can engage with your garden in winter too! Explore, learn, prep and review pictures of plants to order. We've created quick start guides to make this easy, fun and doable.

Our quick start guides will help you in all phases, from inspiration to maintenance and everything in between. We've done the research so that all you need to do is get started. Remember, you can't make a mistake. Go forth, have fun and enjoy what you have created. If you get stuck, just contact us - we're here to help.

Sourcing Plants

Many local and online nurseries sell native pollinator plants. You can also enlist a landscape designer or architect specializing in native habitats to help you. If you need a list of sources, an Ardsley gardener would be happy to share her personal list of resources.

For help and support you can connect with an Ardsley local native planting neighbor. Share the fun!

The Pollinator Partnership provides great references including free recorded webinars, a learning center, and a great guide to native pollinator plants for Ardsley.

This how-to guide is a great introduction to creating pollinator friendly yards and includes plant lists to get started.