Relax and Read

Enjoy Your Pollinator Garden!

Native gardens and sustainable landscaping practices take significantly less time, work, resources and money to maintain. As with any newly planted garden or newly transplanted plant, nurturing is needed at the start, but once established the garden becomes its own living and sustaining entity. While others are spending time, money and resources on their lawns and yards, you can kick back, relax and thoroughly immerse yourselves in the beauty and activity in your garden.

So what to do with your extra time and all that money you are saving? Why not help some of our declining birds by building a nest box for the species of your choice and participating in the NestWatch national nest monitoring program? You'll have all the food and shelter the birds will need in your pollinator garden - now they just need a home.

Why not enjoy a good garden book while you relax in your garden? Here are some of our favorites.

Good Reads in Your Garden or During the Winter


The Humane Gardener. Nurturing a backyard habitat for wildlife. Nancy Lawson

Noah's Garden. Restoring the ecology of our own backyards. Sara Stein

Planting Noah's Garden. Further Adventures in Backyard Ecology. Sara Stein

Bringing Nature Home: How you can sustain wildlife with native plants. Douglas W. Tallamy

Nature's Best Hope: A new approach to conservation that starts in your yard. Douglas W. Tallamy

The Living Landscape: Designing for beauty and biodiversity in the home garden. Rick Dark and Douglas W. Tallamy

A New Garden Ethic. Cultivating defiant compassion for an uncertain future. Benjamin Vogt

Second Nature. A gardener's education. Michael Pollan

Garden Revolution. How our landscapes can be a source of environmental change. Larry Weaner and Thomas Christopher

The Pollinator Victory Garden. Kim Eierman

The Soil Will Save Us. How scientists, farmers, and foodies are healing the soil to save the planet. Kristin Ohlson

Grow Your Soil! Harness the power of the soil food web to create your best garden ever. Diane Miessler

Spring Wildflowers of the Northeast: A natural history. Carol Gracie

Secrets of Wildflowers: A delightful feast of little-known facts, folklore, and history. Jack Sanders

The Well-Gardened MIND: the restorative power of nature. Sue Stuart-Smith


Plant a Pocket of Prairie. Phyllis Root

The Puddle Garden. Jared Rosenbaum

Sip, Pick and Pack: How pollinators help plants make seeds. Polly W. Cheney

Do you have some other recommendations for a good garden read? e-mail us.