Quick Start - Sourcing Native Plants

Where to buy plants

Reach out to your community! 

Local Nurseries

Zoe's Plants - Native plant plugs in Dobbs Ferry

Copia Home and Garden

Carlson's Nursery (native plant section)  

Evergreen Nurseries

Hilltop Hanover Farm

Nature's Cradle

Pound Ridge Nurseries

Rosedale Nurseries

Tony's Nursery

Earth Tones

Native Landscapes

Wild Gardens Nursery  

Toad Shade Wildflower Farm

Flower Power, 144 Pitcher Ln, Redhook, NY  

Eco Landscaping Maintenance Services

Green Jay Landscaping 

Mow Green

Organic Landscapes

Organic Ways and Means

Pennington Grey

Peter Atkins & Assoc. LLC

Electrocut (914-980-1535)

Plan It Wild


getchipdrop.com - free wood chips from arborists delivered to your home

Westwood Organic Recycling - organic mulch, compost and recycled construction materials. Based in Bedford Hills.

Online Nurseries

NOTE: Be sure to Northeast as your region when browsing plants. 

Northeast Pollinator Plants

Broken Arrow Nursery

Catskill Native Nursery 

Earth Tones

Izel Plants (native plant plugs)

Prairie Moon Nursery 

Prairie Restoration

Toad Shade Wild Flower farm

Pinelands Direct Native Plants

Amanda's Native Plants

Direct Native Plants

Wild Ridge Plants

Ernst Seeds (native seeds in bulk)

Garden for Wildlife (National Wildlife Federation). Sells garden kits 

Arbor Day Foundation (choose native trees/shrubs)

Select Seeds (heirloom and native seeds)

Joyful Butterfly

Prairie Nursery

Northern Ridge Nursery (choose native trees and shrubs)

Cold Stream Farm, LLC (choose native trees and shrubs)

Gardens of the Blue Ridge, Inc. (choose natives)

Wild Seed Project  (native seeds)

Sow True Seed

New England Wild Flower Society has assembled three pollinator starter kits

The Pollen Nation

US Perennials (Choose the native menu)

Help with design and creation

In addition to connecting with your community via Ardsley Pollinator Pathway events and your neighborhood pollinator buzz, you can also engage a landscape designer or architect who can design and source native plant gardens for pollinators.

Beauty for the Bees - Reasonable cost native garden consultation and design with sourcing/implementation plan. Mai Mai Margules.

Landscape Interactions - Designs and installations focused on biodiversity design and habitat restoration for the Hudson River estuary watershed.

EcoBeneficial - Kim Eierman

Plant Me a Rainbow - Sandra Nam Cioffi

Plan It Wild  

Pennington Grey

Green Jay Landscaping

Aesthetic Landscape Care  Tim Downey,  Hastings, 914-478-7320 

Bedford Landscapers - Ken Hubener

Let It Grow Landscapes

Meadoworks LLC - Pam Pooley

Aspect 120 Landscape Architecture, P. C.