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The Insect Apocalypse is here and it will have wide spread consequences. But it's not too late to take action. We can rally together to help pollinators in our communities and demand change:

How to Help

  • Read, learn and share - starting with the links below - to spread the word about protecting our pollinators.

  • Stop the use of neonicotinoid pesticides. These pesticides are killing our birds and bees (plus much more) and driving them to extinction. These pesticides are everywhere and in everything. Please help. When buying plants/seeds ask if the plants or seeds have been treated with neonicotinoid pesticides. If so, or if they don't know, skip the purchase! Many organic and native plant nurseries and seed vendors do not use these and advertise that they don't. Always ask if they don't say. Unless stated clearly, assume the seeds/plants for purchase have been treated by these pesticides. Only purchase plants and seeds if you are sure they haven't been treated. Please make sure that any insecticide treatments do not contain these pesticides. Look at the ingredients and ask your application contractor. Refuse any treatments with neonicotinoid pesticides - for the sake of pollinators and your family.

          • Read about the environmental and health impact in NYS and support the NYS Bird and Bees Protection Act by clicking here.

          • Neonics have many names. See this list for the products that contain this pesticide so you can avoid them.

          • Thanks to strong consumer pressure many large chains and other establishments have committed to reducing or eliminating the use of Neonics. See the list of big and small retailers and the commitments they have made. Use your purchasing power to help moving progress forward.

          • As Neonics come under scrutiny and rejection by consumer new systemic pesticides are now on the market. Early research indicate these may be as toxic to pollinators. Bottom line: Play it safe and don't purchase products that have had a systemic pesticide applied.

          • Consider safer and organic alternatives to pesticides.

  • Agribusinesses must cease the use of pesticides, harmful not only to pollinators, but also the environment and humans. Power change through your produce purchases.

  • Shift culture through required, accessible education for horticultural and agricultural workers. Start with your landscaping company. Demand practices that support pollinators. Here is a great site for informing landscape maintenance companies.

  • Increase awareness among family and friends about the way the food we purchase is grown and how consumer choices matter.

  • Consider hosting letter or postcard writing campaigns.

  • Get the word out when voting will impact legislature.

Organizations & Initiatives for Environmental Change

State and Federal Legislature

New York State Pollinator Protection Plan, 2016 and the New York State Pollinator Protection Plan Update, 2018

Lobby for NYS Senate to pass the Birds and Bees Protection Act, Senate bill S5816, Assembly Bill A7639A

Insect Watch & Counter Initiatives

Bumblee Bee Watch, a collaborative effort to track and conserve North America's bumble bees

Fourth of July North American Butterfly Count

Local Activism & Events

Coming soon!

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